Picks and Pans Review: Sound Off

>Indiana Jones’s Leading Ladies

As Karen Allen, Kate Capshaw and Alison Doody were recounting run-ins with rats and pythons on the sets of the three Indiana Jones movies, a voice called from the crowd at L.A.’s American Film Institute. “Bitch, bitch, bitch,” yelled Harrison Ford, who donned Indy’s original fedora and leather jacket (“I hope they fit,” he said) to drop in on his screen flames as they marked the Oct. 21 release of The Adventures of Indiana Jones: The Complete Movie DVD Collection. Raiders of the Lost Ark’s Allen, 52 (now a knitwear designer and part-time actress), The Temple of Doom’s Capshaw, 49 (now series director Steven Spielberg’s Mrs.), and The Last Crusade’s Doody, 38 (now a designer for Waterford Crystal), reminisced with People.


Capshaw: Harrison without his shirt—a pretty fine picture. [The first week of filming] he told me, “Hey, kid. Relax. It’s just a B movie.”

Allen: He was always a wiseguy. I clipped him in the chin [during a scene], but he was sweet about it.

Doody: I saw Harrison and Sean Connery tied up together and thought, “The things I could do.”


Capshaw: It started at the audition. It felt way too comfortable. I actually went home and said to somebody, “I think I’m in big trouble.”


Allen: It would be fun. We’ve been putting Kate under pressure [to find out whether the new script includes them]. Maybe Harrison is so sick in the hospital that he’s having hallucinations of us.

Doody: I’d be happy to just wipe his brow.

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