By People Staff
March 14, 1983 12:00 PM

Here we are again back in the days when knights are bold, maidens are fair and nobody in sight can act his or her way out of a burlap sack. Well, not quite. Leigh and Lynette Harris, who play the twin barbarianettes of this wretched waste, do manage to get out of their shirts from time to time. They are seeking vengeance, of course—everybody in this kind of movie is always seeking vengeance—and have been blessed with superpowers enabling them to snatch arrows out of the air, run fast and look cute even when kicking a villain in the groin. They even begin to give off a bluish glow when they’re turned on. (No, not that way; when they’re turned on like that, they writhe and moan like third-rate porn actresses.) Other oddities include a demon whose eyes glow green, a few walking dead and a good-looking hero, played by Bob Nelson; if they gave an Oscar for worst performance, he would have no competition. The film’s executive producer was Roger Corman, and like most movies he’s associated with, this one is strangely good-natured, for all its violence, sexual exploitation and general incompetence. But it’s still a time-waster, confirming the rule that whenever you are tempted to go to a movie with characters named Mara, Pando, Traigon, Baldar and Dellisia, go bowling instead. (R)