By People Staff
June 26, 2000 12:00 PM

BBMak (Hollywood)

If only they weren’t lead-footed. This trio of pinup-worthy Brits have all but one of the requisite charms to make it as a boy band—they have zero dance ability. Still, they compensate for their embarrassingly clunky stage presence with musical talent galore. All three lads possess lead-vocal voices, and when their choirboy harmonies soar and entwine, the throbbing hearts of teenage girls are turned to porridge. Hailing from the north of England, all three BBs are on the sunny side of 30. And all three play instruments. Flautist Mark Barry and guitarist Stephen “Ste” McNally are 21; guitar playing elder Christian Burns is 26. That counts as venerable in comparison to most run-of-the-record-mill boy bands. The BBs also have impressive songwriting skills. The opening track, “Back Here,” is pure romantic pop; “Still on Your Side” is an anthem for loyal lovers. And “Ghost of You and Me” treads beyond the rigidly virginal territory staked out by the Backstreet Boys and ‘N Sync. Like the Australian duo Savage Garden, the BBs impart a little carnal knowledge with their sweet pop confections. Add a bit more edge and adults will swoon too.

Bottom Line: BBs gun for stardom