September 20, 1982 12:00 PM

Nana Mouskouri

She looks like Woody Allen’s sister and sounds like Joan Baez. America is about the only place she goes unrecognized since she’s already conquered most of the rest of the markets in the world with more than 120 gold records to her credit internationally. Nana, who’s in her 40s, is from Greece and has built her reputation on a clear, bell-like soprano and considerable linguistic talents. She sings in Italian, German, French, Spanish, English and, of course, her native tongue. This LP is an obvious attempt to lure Yankee listeners with familiar tunes. She renders songs by Leonard Cohen (The Guests), John Denver (“Daydreams”), Tom Paxton (“Bad Old Days”), Bob Dylan (“Every Grain of Sand”) and Kenny Rogers (“Sweet Music Man”). The title track is a pop adaptation of a musical theme from the Verdi opera Nabucco. All but one of the songs are sung in English. Nana’s voice has its charms but lacks inflection. She sounds like an ABBA reject at times. Even with familiar tunes to showcase her talents, this Greek delicacy, like retsina, remains an acquired taste.

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