By Ralph Novak
August 25, 1986 12:00 PM

David Allan Coe

Whatever shortcomings Coe can be accused of, insufficient shrewdness is not among them. He has, after all, maintained a career as a country singer with a voice that does not make one think of the phrase “golden throat.” For this album, his 16th for Columbia, he had the sense to enlist the support of such people as Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Karen Brooks, Jessi Colter and Dickey Betts, the Allman Brothers guitarist. In some cases Coe himself is hardly noticeable. Nelson, Jennings and Colter, for instance, all but sing D.A. under the table on Colter’s Storms Never Last, Nelson takes over to make I’ve Already Cheated on You into a gritty duet and Brooks is her assertive self on Couldn’t Do Nothin’ Right. Remember the time Tom Sawyer got all his pals to whitewash the fence for him? (Columbia)