January 18, 1982 12:00 PM

Angela Bofill

When she wants to, the Bronx-born Angela can do to notes what Steve Martin often does with balloons: twist, tangle and knot them into all sorts of weird shapes. She can also use her two-and-a-half-octave, honey-smooth voice to skip through a perky love song or belt out a disco tune. What was precocity when she debuted in 1978 has matured into a range that few female singers can match. On this, her third album, Bofill has hired fellow singer Narada-Michael Walden to produce 11 songs. Bofill will melt your emotions with Break It to Me Gently, seduce you with I Do Love You, thrill you with Time to Say Goodbye. Other arrangements are weakened by orchestral folderol, but Angela’s early promise is a promise kept.

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