September 09, 1985 12:00 PM

George Clinton

Any deity of funk music must resemble Pan: pagan, impish, lusty, quick to laugh and dance. The high priest, by virtue of seniority and merit, is Clinton, the prolific mastermind behind Parliament, Funkadelic and other funk cadres. This latest album finds Clinton in fine form and good company. From the opening notes of Double Oh-Oh with its jittery synthesizers, galloping drums and vocals by committee, the music is loose and full of juice. Clinton, also known as Dr. Funkenstein, has always walked a fine line between the merely flamboyant and the totally wigged out. His two songs on this LP with Thomas Dolby cross into the latter domain. Clinton can get formulaic. Despite their brash horns and heavy bottom, Thrashin’ and the title track contain more attitude than substance. But some of funk’s most illustrious practitioners—Bootsy Collins, Gary Shider, Doug Wimbish, Maceo Parker and Junie Morrison help make this album much more than routine. Keyboardist Morrison’s influence is most evident, especially on the irresistible Bodyguard with its sprightly tone, jazz inflections and soprano synthesizer curlicues. If you’re having a party, invite George and friends. (Capitol) (CD)

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