June 30, 1997 12:00 PM

by Isabella Rossellini

Bergman’s daughter Isabella Rossellini’s memoir gives an even more loving and private view of her parents’ lives. With a gift for finding the anecdote that renders a character precisely, Rossellini describes how her organized, practical mother carefully separated framed photos of her living friends from pictures of the dead and how her “lazy” yet dramatic father liked to lounge in bed and listen, at Sunday lunch, to tapes of race-car engines.

When Rossellini free-associates about her modeling and acting careers or offers opinions on everything from underwear to life after death, Some of Me seems mannered, as coyly withholding as its title portends. But when Rossellini writes about others (she tells a powerful story about her aunt’s harsh pronouncement over the tomb of Anna Magnani), the book’s charm grows. Some of Me is lavishly illustrated with photographs: formal and informal family portraits, glamor shots from the author’s modeling days—and one heart-stoppingly intimate snapshot of Roberto Rossellini zipping Ingrid Bergman’s dress. It alone is worth the price of their daughter’s impressionistic self-portrait. (Random House, $29.95)

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