January 27, 2003 12:00 PM

Solange (Columbia)

Apparently Solange Knowles has more in common with big sis Beyoncé Knowles than an exotic name and long crinkly tresses. With her credible debut album, the 16-year-old sibling of Destiny’s Child’s frontwoman shows there’s room for more than one pop star in the family. This talented teen even proves she already has chops as both a producer and songwriter on cuts like the pretty, acoustic-guitar-laced ballad “Sky Away.”

Even so, Knowles hasn’t yet carved out her own musical identity. Many tracks, such as the sinuous, Middle Eastern-flavored first single, “Feelin’ You,” bear more than a passing resemblance to the sound of Destiny’s Child (for which Solange was once a backup dancer). Her vocal phrasing and timbre also bring to mind a younger, less powerful Beyoncé Knowles. That is evident when the older Knowles, who coproduced and cowrote three tracks, pipes in on the sister-to-sister duet “Naive,” pointedly advising, “Girl, you got time, so slow it down.”

BOTTOM LINE: A satisfactory if not stellar Star

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