By People Staff
October 14, 1991 12:00 PM

Shelby Lynne

Lynne’s third album is more subdued than her first two. No Ellington tune to surprise the country fans this time, for one thing.

It’s a pleasing package, though, from the charged-up “You Can’t Break a Broken Heart” to the romance of a neo-Marvin Gaye-Tammi Terrell duet with Les Taylor, “The Very First Lasting Love.” It would have been nice to hear one of the Elvis Presley hits that Lynne sings in live performances, but if it’s not strong on sense of history, this song selection by Lynne and producer James Stroud seems appropriate.

Lynne is reminiscent of early Sheena Easton in more ways than mere physical resemblance. She too has a strikingly rich pop voice, a tough, older-than-her-years veneer and what looks like unlimited potential.

Now, if we can keep Shelby out of the sweatshop commercials, everything will be all right. (Epic)