By People Staff
August 02, 1999 12:00 PM

by Eileen Fulton

During her 40 years on As the World Turns, Eileen Fulton’s constantly scheming character, Lisa Miller, has been married eight times, widowed, raped, held hostage and nearly killed. All of which Fulton puts entertainingly to use in her first romance novel, set on the fictional soap Another Life.

At the center of the drama is sweet Amanda Baker, who moves to New York City after being left at the altar. Landing a role on the soap, she finds herself up against jealous costars, bullying directors and a megalomaniacal producer with more than her career on his mind. Naturally she also falls madly in love—while trying to conceal a secret from her past.

Packed with enough melodrama to keep a real soap bubbling for months, the novel careens from one cliffhanger to the next. And while the ending is never in doubt, you’ll wish you could tune back in long after the last page has been turned. (St. Martin’s, $23.95)

Bottom Line: Frothy fun