The Irish band behind the hit “Chasing Cars” (off the CD Eyes Open) is chasing fans on a U.S. tour through April 6. We caught up with frontman Gary Lightbody, 30.

ON THEIR BAND NAME We were called Polar Bear before, but we were threatened to be sued by another band [with the same name]. The last time we went out in the snow our drummer broke his arm. He’s still recovering. So it’s not as if we’re born to live up to our name.

ON HAVING “CHASING CARS” PLAYED ON GREY’S ANATOMY It was pretty wild that it had such an impact. We hadn’t heard much about the show. I can’t watch any medical dramas because I get quite queasy. But The Simpsons would be kind of cool to have our music on. Even if it was just so Homer could say that he didn’t like us.

ON ONCE OPENING FOR U2 It was amazing. We learned a lot from them. When you tour with U2, you can’t help but see how your show pales in comparison to theirs. You have an inflated view of who they are, but when you meet them they’re normal guys.

ON THEIR FAVORITE U.S. TOUR STOP We have a soft spot for Seattle because of all of the music from there that inspired us: Nirvana, Mudhoney, Soundgarden. We looked to American music rather than British music when we were growing up.