Picks and Pans Review: Sneak Peek

>Brad Pitt‘s Fury

The star heads up a testosterone-heavy cast in the upcoming film about a WWII tank crew

What happens when you put five guys in a very tight space for two months? Director David Ayer found out during the shoot for Fury, his upcoming WWII film, due Nov. 14, about the crew of a U.S. Army tank on a mission behind enemy lines. “It was a great opportunity to put these guys in a claustrophobic environment and see how they work together as a team,” says Ayer. As a sergeant called Wardaddy, Brad Pitt is “playing this true alpha male, and that really carried through on-set. Everybody knew their crew positions. They bonded with the tank. It’s like a character.” Costar Shia LaBeouf was “insanely good”—and no drama at all, adds Ayer. “He was a joy to work with.” And Percy Jackson’s Logan Lerman, 22, “was the youngest and everybody’s favorite target. He’s just this really nice guy, and the other guys are beasts. So he got hazed quite a bit. Logan’s a tough guy now. He manned up big time.”—MICHELLE TAUBER

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