By Jason Lynch Jenny Sundel Kristen Mascia Amy Elisa Keith
August 28, 2006 12:00 PM


Hollywood’s king of cool, 57, takes on hundreds of poisonous reptiles at 30,000 ft. in the new tongue-in-cheek action movie Snakes on a Plane.

COULD YOU HANDLE YOUR SCALY COSTARS ON A REAL RED-EYE? People think I’ve got to be a tough guy because I play tough guys. I avoid trouble all the time. People seem to think I’m cool. If you spend a day with me, you’ll think, “Really? That’s it?”

ARE YOU AFRAID OF SNAKES? Nope. I grew up in the country, so I know that everything has a place to live. There was a rattlesnake in my yard just the other day.

HOW ABOUT PLANES? I generally get on planes and tell people, “Wake me up when we crash.”

WHAT’S BEHIND THE INTERNET OBSESSION WITH THIS MOVIE? If people at the studios could figure it out, they’d be bottling it. A site has a song “Someone Tell Sam Jackson He’s My Bro.” I love it. I’m trying to download it to my iPod.

DID YOUR CURSE-FILLED LINES HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE MOVIE’S NEW R RATING? Once you say what I said in the movie, you can’t stay PG. We’ve got nudity, we’ve got gore, we went all the way. Don’t you like to see snakes gnawing on people’s necks?

ARE YOU AS AGGRESSIVE ON THE GOLF COURSE AS YOU ARE ONSCREEN? If I hit a bad shot, people five fairways away know it because I’m yelling [his favorite curse word], but if I hit a good shot, I’m yelling too. Everybody knows the difference in the yelling. Either Sam is playing well or he’s playing bad.

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