June 08, 1992 12:00 PM

Peter Case

Volume is a beautiful thing. OK, maybe not if you’re a librarian, but rocker Case is not pushing the Dewey decimal system.

The former leader of the defunct pop group the Plimsouls went solo in 1986 with a solid acoustic disc that showcased his folk roots. His 1989 follow-up got a little electric and was equally pleasant. With Six Pack of Love, though, Case plugs in and cranks up to create a beauty of a basic rock record. Most of the songs are burners that would fit a party you hope will go all night. There are a couple of slow, melancholy love tunes, “Beyond the Blues” and “Last Time I Looked,” but even they have an amiable sense of fun. Case’s witty wordplay keeps things loose. Familiar topics get new twists. Consider the jilted lover in “Never Co-min’ Home” who moans, “When people ask me why I have to roam/I’ll say that 90 percent of all accidents occur in the home.”

Six Pack of Love is nothing fancy, just good, jangly guitar rock that keeps the spirit of Buddy Holly alive and will never get you an overdue notice, though maybe a shhh! from the stacks. (Geffen)

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