April 23, 1990 12:00 PM


Congenially spoofing romantic rap videos, Arsenio Hall, as the plumped-up “Chunky A,” grovels and apologizes for such affronts as leaving his lady’s dog in a microwave—”12 minutes was just too long, baby.” The young woman whose door stays closed to A’s advances is Victoria Rouell. Strolling among the gymnasts, dancers and pizza delivery boys is sax player Lyle Lovett. Gary Weis directed.

PULLIN’ BACK THE REINS Never one to overglamorize, k.d. lang appears in a one-woman scene (the color scheme is what fanciers of big boxes of crayons will remember as burnt sienna). She does, however, gesture the heck out of the tune she wrote with Ben Mink and plays air guitar to Gordie Matthews’s solo.

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