August 15, 1988 12:00 PM

>FAR FROM OVER It’s a pleasant enough pop rock tune presented in a straightforward stand-up-and-sing video style; what’s remarkable is the impression made by lead singer David Forbes, the only American in the otherwise all-Canadian quintet Blvd. We are talking made for the matinee idol business.

BLIND Admirers of the enigmatic will find plenty to puzzle out in this Talking Heads combination of Afro-funk music and political commentary. Set at a political rally, it features a talking, drooling pipe wrench, cheerleaders in their underwear, a baby and David Byrne, barechested and with his face distorted like that of a robber wearing a nylon stocking mask.


Go-Go’s alumna Jane Wiedlin gets her feet wet—and the rest of her too—frolicking with some dolphins in this playful video shot at the Windsor (England) Safari Park.

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