By People Staff
November 21, 1988 12:00 PM

>PUT THIS LOVE TO THE TEST A huge female scarecrow—30 or so feet tall, with a real woman’s head—does a bizarre striptease while Jon Astley wryly takes care of the highly suggestive lyrics (“Let’s take our clothes off/And put this love to the test”). Director Nicholas Brandt shows a keen eye for multiple entendres.

SHIP OF FOOLS Shot in hypnotic black and white, this video intercuts images of water dripping, rippling and cascading with shots of Robert Plant lip-synching and acting mysterious—his specialties.

GET DOWN TONIGHT Bald singer Barry Andrews and the rest of Shriekback recreate a 70s disco for this remake of the KC and the Sunshine Band hit. The clothes and decor underscore how fast and mercilessly pop fashions change.