May 21, 1990 12:00 PM


The boys make Brazil/still a rough rhyme (Brazeeil/steeil), but if Alabama’s accents aren’t in the right place, their hearts are. The tune on the environment—”It’s only ours to borrow/Let’s save some for tomorrow”—is illustrated by eco-imagery: gunky waterways, garbage and belching smokestacks juxtaposed with kids romping. The verdant hillside the Alabamans are on is in L.A.

UNTIL YOU COME BACK TO ME Saluting the cosmic inanity of most videos, director Mark Romanek and editor Robert Duffy sprinkle prettily floating fruit and frilly stuff around Miki Howard, who vamps sweetly and sings a buttery version of the great Stevie Wonder-Clarence Paul-Morris Broadnax song.

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