June 12, 1995 12:00 PM

MTV (Weekdays, 7 p.m. ET)


What do you get when you cross Studs with The Dating Game? MTV’s hormonally intoxicated game show. A young woman sits on a throne while 50 rowdy young men stand on a stage behind her woofing and whistling. During the first round, she selects archetypes from general categories such as weight, commitment, facial hair, dating style, etc. Each preference eliminates a portion of the crowd, and the losers file past our picky princess until only eight eligibles remain. Then, still sight unseen, they regale her with verbal enticements like “Yeah, wazup? You pick me, it’s gonna be one hell of a night.” She asks them contrived questions until only one lucky finalist remains and the couple is sent off, sans chaperon, on a wacky theme date. Then it is time to switch genders.

This is a sleazy and degrading enterprise, although the participants seem to be enjoying themselves. As for me, I’ll stick with Chuck Woolery.

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