September 17, 1984 12:00 PM

by Janet Dailey

Meanwhile, back in the American wing of the School of Florid Romance Novels, Dailey has left the Calder plainsfolk of her recent sagas behind. Now she’s into WASPs—Women Airforce Service Pilots—trained to do aerial errands back in the States during World War II, while the boys bomb away overseas. In the book silver wings are their insignia, and Santiago blue is the color of the uniforms they have to hem themselves. Dailey goes full throttle on the intricacies of instrument panels and raptures of solo flight but hits some bumpy air in the intimacies of love affairs. When one of the heroines makes love with Scott Daniels in the cockpit of an airborne B-17, we know something is bound to move beneath them, but the only details are of the scenery below. When a pilot couple part for the last time as he heads for war, they shake hands and say, “Good flying.” Dailey isn’t prim, just discreet, suggesting more than she provides. This is escapist literature, smooth and shallow. (Poseidon Press, $15.95)

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