December 05, 1988 12:00 PM

Kenny G

With his last album, the popular Duotones, Kenny G gave easy listening music a good name. The Seattle sax man climbed into the upper regions of the charts with such lilting little pop confections as Songbird. Mrs. G didn’t raise no fools. On this canny follow-up, Kenny G pulls out his trusty soprano sax for more gossamer goop like Pastel and the title track. It’s “willow weep for me” time (without that tune, alas), sports fans. Most of the record is almost excruciatingly pretty. Even when the Kenster plays tenor on such instrumental as Tradewinds or alto on Against Doctor’s Orders, the music doesn’t have the R & B bite he once displayed on, for example, his righteous remake of Jr. Walker’s What Does It Take. This time, Kenny is into what sounds more like a generic jazz fusion bag—not the biggest bag around. It would be total Dullsville, daddy-o, except for one thing. The cat can play. Whether on alto, tenor or soprano, he is nimble and fluid. And if he chooses to wear his heart on his sleeve, hey, complain to his accountant. This Mr. Sensitive shtik is a gold mine. (Arista)

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