By People Staff
February 07, 2000 12:00 PM

by Carl Hiaasen

Florida satirist Hiaasen (Lucky You, Strip Tease) ratchets up the looniness in his latest comic broadside at rampant avarice in the Sunshine State. His hero, lovably demented ecoterrorist Twilly Spree, decides to teach some manners to a litterbug named Palmer Stoat by trashing his convertible. When Stoat fails to get the message, Twilly ups the ante by kidnapping Stoat’s wife, Desie. Things get deliciously out of hand when Twilly falls for Desie and discovers Stoat is a political fixer bent on turning a wildlife sanctuary into a shopping mall. Hiaasen excels at turning social commentary into savage fun. With memorably broad characters such as the aptly named Stoat—who shoots a sedated rhino for $30,000 at a safari club that specializes in serving up endangered species—it’s no wonder Twilly goes bananas. (Knopf, $25)

Bottom Line: Provocative farce