By Jason Lynch Leah Rozen and Nina Biddle
Updated March 06, 2006 12:00 PM

>Jena Malone

What’s it like to play Keira Knightley‘s sister? Nevada native Jena Malone, 21, found out in Pride & Prejudice, out on DVD Feb. 28.

WHY DO WOMEN ALWAYS FALL FOR THE DARCYS OF THE WORLD? It’s that interest in the unknown. If you look at someone and you completely understand them from one look, it’s not very exciting. There’s a bit of danger knowing someone might have a dark side.

WHAT WAS IT LIKE BEING THE ONLY AMERICAN IN THE CAST? It wasn’t isolating or alienating, because everyone made me feel part of the family. And it helped that I kept my English accent up the whole time.

THAT SOUNDS TOUGH It was sort of like cracking a code. They have a whole different vocabulary, like “rubbish” is trash, the “bonnet” is the car hood. We speak the same language, but we’re divided by our vocabulary.

NOW YOU’VE MASTERED A BRONX ACCENT AS A NUN IN THE BROADWAY PLAY DOUBT I’m amazed I’m a part of it. The accent takes time. I find it sort of freeing. I’m constantly changing it and really trying to do it better every day.

WE HEAR YOU HAD A NASTY EXPERIENCE OPENING NIGHT All three leads got the flu that evening— so our understudies ended up going on instead. So my first real performance wasn’t until the next day, because I wanted to say, “I can do it!”