By People Staff
October 16, 2000 12:00 PM

by Steve Martin

Book of the week

Steve Martin is increasingly a mild and cozy guy, and to call this novella understated is an understatement. The gentle tone of this sweet 130-page fable of Mirabelle, a mousy L.A. salesclerk waiting to ring up some romance, may surprise those who think of Martin as the auteur of Three Amigos and The Man with Two Brains: But in a style more Saturday Evening Post than Saturday night at the multiplex, the author tells us all we need to know about the software tycoon Mirabelle goes out with: “In [his] garage are two cars. One is a gray Mercedes, the other a gray Mercedes.” Since she is so painfully shy she feels “as though she were a chalk outline of herself,” our heroine’s only other dating option is a slacker “with a slouch so extreme he appears to have left his skeleton at home.”

Mirabelle is as beguiling as an Audrey Hepburn character. And Shopgirl is an Audrey Hepburn of a book: slim, lovely, and ever so old-fashioned. (Hyperion, $17.95)

Bottom Line: Wrap it up