By People Staff
March 17, 2003 12:00 PM

By Sophie Kinsella

What a pickle! Becky Bloomwood, the beguiling but unrepentantly acquisitive heroine of the two previous Shopaholic books, is engaged. Her mum is planning a backyard wedding at the family home in England. The groom’s Momzilla mother is commissioning a fantasy shindig at New York’s Plaza Hotel. They’re scheduled for the very same day. What to do?

This comedy of errors teeters between cute and cutesy. The characters have little depth—it’s never even clear why Becky and Luke are a viable couple—but that’s beside the point. Becky, the kind of girl who cheats on the couples’ quizzes in magazines to get a higher score, often makes for clever company. But her ding-a-ling antics, like pretending the wedding planner is a deranged woman in love with her fiancé, are just plot devices. Becky’s dithering drags on long enough that it’s a relief when she finally gets to, and through, the big day. (Delta, $10.95)

BOTTOM LINE: Mildly engaging