June 16, 1997 12:00 PM

Indigo Girls

Shame on You,” the first single off the duo’s sixth studio album, is rollicking folk-pop with a catchy “la la la” chorus…and a reference to illegal immigration. The Indigo Girls, singer-songwriter-guitarists Amy Ray and Emily Saliers, wouldn’t be the Indigo Girls without tackling a few social issues; in later cuts they address sexual orientation (the Girls came out years ago), burning black churches, colonialism and poverty.

The politics will be familiar to their fans, but the Girls do strive for a different sound here, cranking up the electric guitar on most of the tracks. Still, what anchors the disc ultimately is what makes all their albums a pleasure: intelligent lyrics, rich harmonies and their signature intertwining voices set against a backdrop of homespun, melodic folk music. It’s what they do best. (Epic)

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