June 13, 1988 12:00 PM

Here is a video, blessedly without hoops and hollers, yips and yahoos, aimed at active senior adults. Led by a refreshingly low-key instructor, Ellen Cramer, the tape offers a pair of 20-minute routines that have been endorsed by geriatric physicians and physical therapists. Follow along with agile exercisers Lil, Jim, Margaret and Frank to the beat of Hello, Dolly! and Sweet Georgia Brown. The stretches in Part 1 increase the heart rate (pauses are included to allow for pulse-taking) and warm up viewers for the dance steps in Part 2, which include light aerobics, some Charleston steps (complete with finger shimmies) and a rousing Beer Barrel Polka. The miking is professional; the set is clean; there are no distracting props that begin to bore with repeated use, and there is the added pleasure of watching Lil, Jim, Maragaret and Frank cool down in unison to Moon River. (Y.E. Inc., $33.95, POB 7475, Steelton, Pa. 17113)

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