November 28, 1994 12:00 PM

>It seems that movie violence, a controversial issue since most of us were yea high to a gunman’s knee, has now advanced to the next bloody stage. Okay: We have realistic blood, realistic splattered brains, legions of technically ingenious, digitally processed monsters that burst out from beyond, below and within. What’s new—as a head-swimming 10 minutes of Natural Born Killers or Pulp Fiction prove—is that violence is no longer just a problem. It’s a style, an attitude. You can have your blood and guts served up sardonic, sexy, flip, earnest, grotesque, gothic, over-the-top, preposterous or simply terrifying. Your violence can be mixed so your stomach is flopping even as a laugh flutters in your throat. You exit the multiplex unsure if you have been turned on, turned off or turned inside out. Below, a survey of the all-too-realistic human wreckage.


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