November 29, 1982 12:00 PM

by Tony Crawley

Crawley, a British movie journalist, has attempted wit and history in his captions, but this is really a picture book that chronicles some of Hollywood’s more outrageous attempts to give stars maximum exposure without quite baring all. The girls come dressed in hatboxes, fake octopi and dollar bills. Then there’s Sophia Loren in a beach ball, Dorothy Lamour in palm fronds and Ann-Margret in a feather boa. The men, daringly exposing their chests, are even more surprising. Victor Mature is seen taking a bath, Cary Grant tossing a medicine ball, John Derek bulging a bicep and a young Ronald Reagan lounging by a pool. Pinups are not quite dead, it turns out. There’s Barbra Streisand in short shorts, Cheryl Ladd in overalls, Bo Derek in a wet shirt, and Pia Zadora in practically nothing. And—could it be?—Robert Redford, earnestly, shirtlessly, playing tennis. (Delilah, $19.95; paper, $9.95)

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