June 13, 1988 12:00 PM

Couch potatoes, there are salad days ahead. This video, say international triathlon champ Tinley and his co-host, “iron woman” (as the triathletes call themselves) Juli Brening, can enable even the most sedentary viewer to survive a triathlon after just six months of training. (A standard triathlon combines swimming, running and biking for a total of anywhere from 32 to 140 miles.) “The most important goal, at least the way I see it,” says Tinley, “is to keep it fun.” The rest of the tape stays closer to reality, offering advice on training for the individual events as well as more general tips on strategy, nutrition and weight training. Tinley suggests, for instance, that triathletes smear petroleum jelly on their wrists and ankles when putting on the wet suit for the swimming leg of the competition; that way they will be able to get out of the suit faster to start the next event. He also offers a few fashion tips for bikers: “Most cycling shorts and tights now come with padded crotches for an infinitely more comfortable ride.” Director Lisa Hendricks provides on-location Malibu scenery and, for a little inspiration, shows lots of toned-up triathlete bodies in tiny bathing suits. Inside one of them is Brening, swimming underwater in balletic slow motion. (Tweed, $24.95, 213-476-4345)

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