September 02, 1991 12:00 PM

Candy Dulfer

Dulfer’s video-friendly looks don’t hurt her ability to stand out from her fellow saxophone players. Nobody ever called, say, Sonny Rollins or David Sanborn a cupcake.

But she’s more than just another pretty embouchure.

The Dutch musician, 21, plays jauntily, in bite-size phrases she and partner Ulco Bed fit into pop funk arrangements. (She sings too, in a hummy way.) Bed and Dulfer dominate the song credits, though the album includes Miles Davis’s “So What,” Dave Stewart’s “Lily Was Here” and “Home Is Not a House,” by Hans Dulfer, Candy’s father. He also chimes in with a tenor solo. While Dulfer the younger has hacked up Prince, Pink Floyd and Van Morrison, she cites Rollins and Sanborn as influences, along with Charlie Parker and Ben Webster. Her playing won’t remind anyone of such hard-core jazz saxophonists, but she does project a contagious enjoyment of her music. It’s hard to listen to this album without smiling. (Arista)

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