December 22, 2008 12:00 PM

On the Style network’s hit show Ruby, Savannah resident Ruby Gettinger, 45, has lost more than 100 lbs. and won over viewers with her humor and southern charm.

WHAT MOTIVATED YOU TO LOSE WEIGHT? The biggest I’d ever been was 716 [lbs.], and they couldn’t weigh me on a regular scale. I was in shock. I thought, That is almost a freaking 1,000 lbs. I said, “That’s it. I’ve got to do something about it.”

HOW DID YOU PUT IT ON? There’s a misconception that everyone who is overweight must be eating two dozen eggs, two double cheeseburgers. I was snacking. For breakfast, I’d have Pop Tarts. Instead of a meal, potato chips and a candy bar.

YOU STARTED THE SHOW AT 477 LBS. WHAT HAS CHANGED SINCE YOU LOST WEIGHT? I can move more. I can get into a car. I can [walk] more than five steps without breathing hard.

HOW ARE YOU ADJUSTING TO FAME? People are coming to my house—that’s the craziest part. There’s over 20 people pulling up. There’s tours from Tennessee. They go, “We want you to know that we’re on this journey with you.”

WHAT’S YOUR GOAL? I’m not trying to be skinny. I’m trying to get healthy and be a normal size and wear the clothes that I want, ride a bike, take a bubble bath.

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