By People Staff
Updated October 07, 1985 12:00 PM


The Edmonton, Alberta-born Rori (nee Sheila Minard) is a pop singer with enough vocal staying power to avoid being overwhelmed by her strong supporting cast. What’s really exciting about this four-song mini-LP, however, is the contribution of Jeff Lorber, the fusion keyboard player. He arranged two of the tracks, Bet She Can’t Love You (Like I Do) and Mr. Right Now, and they are kinetic masterpieces of dance pop, insistent without being plodding, intricate without being too involved. Lorber indeed shows signs of being able to blend a jazz imagination with a commercial sense in the same productive way Quincy Jones has. (It may not be only coincidence that the album was released on Jones’ label.) Rori, a former model, sounds almost programmed herself at times, but then this is less a vocal project than a dance package, and quite an inspired one. (Qwest)