October 02, 1989 12:00 PM

Syndicated (check local listings)


Like its genre competition, American Gladiators, this show is heavy on the brawn, hold the brains. The producers here include Suzanne de Passe of Lonesome Dove and Motown fame. She is listed as a consultant, of what it is hard to imagine. They have taken the sport (?) of Roller Derby and added just about everything this side of the kitchen sink. The end result may well be the most kitschy program (and this is not exactly a compliment) in TV history. It’s also rather loud and violent. You’ll see competitors skate on a banked 14-foot-high Wall of Death, hear heavy metal and rap music (people like Debbie Harry and Kool Moe Dee drop in), and watch undressed cheerleaders and a long-haired, loincloth-clad hunk who’s named Animal. His job is to handle the alligators (don’t ask). The show itself is a croc.

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