By People Staff
November 03, 2003 12:00 PM

After making like Sinatra on last year’s hit It Had to Be You…The Great American Songbook, Rod Stewart is back with another collection of standards, As Time Goes By…The Great American Songbook Volume II. We asked him to look back on a few of his own classics.

“MAGGIE MAY” “What makes that one so special is that it wasn’t supposed to be on [Every Picture Tells a Story]. But because we were short a track we put it on at the last minute. No one really believed in it, including me.”

“EVERY PICTURE TELLS A STORY” “It’s just the honesty of the song. That’s an important thing when laying down tracks. I don’t think I ever sat down and thought, 1 have to write a hit.’ Things just come out that way.”

“TONIGHT’S THE NIGHT” “I recorded that down in Mussel Shoals in some pretty good sessions. It’s just the melody with that one. That’s what makes them hits.”

“YOUNG TURKS” “I often have a title in my head. If I come across a few words that I think will make a cute title and grab your attention, then I write a song around it. That’s what I did with ‘Young Turks’ ”