October 22, 1979 12:00 PM

by Robert Morley

There are three categories of verbal “bricks” in this terribly, terribly British volume. The first is uttered by someone “unduly absorbed in his own affairs so that casual remarks become altogether too casual.” The second is mouthed by compulsive compliment-payers who err in their overenthusiasm. The third includes malapropisms and double entendres. Morley, the actor featured in British Airways commercials and betimes on the Tonight Show, asked TV viewers in England to send him sample bricks. Most of those he prints are obscene. A quotable one (from category two) describes a man visiting backstage with Sir John Gielgud. Sir John said, “How pleased I am to meet you. I used to know your son, we were at school together.” The man replied, “I have no son. I was at school with you.” (Putnam, $9.95)

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