March 01, 1993 12:00 PM

CBS (Sun., Feb. 28, 9p.m. ET)


Kenny Rogers is no gambler. He returns in his usual TV vehicle: a western (see story, page 90). He’s joined, though, by a couple of acting tenderfeet: country singing stars Travis Tritt and Naomi Judd.

Rogers plays a bounty hunter riding after a pack of murdering bank robbers. Trailing behind him is a young farmer (Tritt), whose bride those desperadoes stole. The elder Judd plays the proprietor of a rather sumptuous desert hostelry. There are some slow patches, but overall the movie presents a good, sustained conceit.

While Trill and Judd need a little seasoning as actors, they both have very nice smiles. Nevertheless, I hope this doesn’t start a flood of country singers making the transition to film. I sure don’t want to sec I lank Williams Jr. wearing makeup and emoting.

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