December 14, 1998 12:00 PM

Jerry Springer

Can’t get enough of Jerry Springer on his rock ’em, sock ’em TV talk show? Well, here’s your chance—not that I’m advising this—to see Springer in his very own movie, Ringmaster. Clearly, though not. cleverly, designed to cash in on Springer’s current inexplicable popularity (his show has been known to whup Oprah in the ratings), Ringmaster-casts Springer as—big stretch—a TV talk show host named Jerry Farrelly. The role requires Springer to justify his show by explaining that he’s offering viewers “a slice of American life” (depicted here by two sets of trashy guests eager to tell all on nationwide TV) and to parade about clad only in his under-shorts. This we could easily have done without. (R)

Bottom Line: Strictly for would-be guests on Jerry’s show

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