May 27, 2013 12:00 PM


You transformed for this role, with dark hair and prosthetic teeth!

I didn’t want people just looking at me going, “Is that Jewel wearing a wig?” And that meant wearing the prosthetic dentures. My snaggle[tooth] is so identifiably me.

What kind of reaction did your husband, rodeo cowboy Ty Murray, have?

He was real supportive. One of the reasons I took the role was because I was able to do it as a mom when Kase was 9 months old. When the baby saw me for the first time in the wig, with those blue eyes, it was like he thought I was in a mask.

Any recent milestones for Kase?

On the [tour] bus I have a shower back there with a little training potty in it. Nothing like potty training on the road. It’s been hilarious, actually.

Do you and Ty think more kids are on the horizon?

I’m torn. I feel like I have one handled. Two is a whole new thing. But they say you have your first kid for you and your second kid for your first kid. So we’ll see if that compels me or not!

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