By People Staff
May 20, 1985 12:00 PM

Johnny Mathis

The old smoothie has been making records for 29 years, and there’s still nobody better when it comes to creating a warm, relaxed, mellow mood. This album includes a couple of up-tempo tries, such as Touch by Touch, on which Mathis forces it a little (energy has never been his strong point). And he has had such success doing duets—with Dionne Warwick, Deneice Williams and Jane Olivor, among others—that it’s a disappointment to find that this album doesn’t contain any. Still, the title tune, taken from the TV soap opera Ryan’s Hope, is vintage Mathis, and Step by Step will bring back some sock-hop memories, tinged by the sound of—can it be?—the cha-cha. Ah-one, two, three-four-five; one, two, three-four-five; oops, did I hurt your foot, Lola? (Columbia)