August 25, 1986 12:00 PM


Karl Marx would have loved the Eurythmics. (Well, maybe that’s a little strong; he would have loved Simply Red. The Eurythmics he would have liked.) Where else have dialectics and synthesis been better illustrated than in Annie Lennox’s and David Stewart’s blending of the seemingly disparate sounds of technopop and R&B? This album doesn’t have the thrill of surprise of last year’s Be Yourself Tonight and it probably doesn’t have quite the musical inventiveness either. It is nevertheless another triumph and another showcase for Lennox’s astonishing range. No woman pop singer around sings with more richness or writes with more wicked wit. In Missionary Man she sings, “Well I was born an original sinner/ I was borne from original sin/ And if I had a dollar bill/ For all the things I’ve done/ There’d be a mountain of money/ Piled up to my chin.” Let’s Go has a sort of high élan to it, and I Remember You gives Lennox a chance to show how effectively wistful she can get. In his producing role, Stewart used fewer horns than he did on Be Yourself, which makes for a smaller sound but leaves plenty of terrific music. Why resist saying it: Revenge is sweet. (RCA)

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