March 06, 1978 12:00 PM

Bob Dylan’s home movie is great when he’s singing, boring otherwise. Shot during his 1975-76 Rolling Thunder tour, it combines superb concert footage with bits of fact and fantasy about his offstage life. Most interesting are glimpses of his now-estranged wife, Sara, who looks remarkably like her husband. In one intriguing scene, she and Joan Baez (an old flame, of course) pretend to vie for his affections, leaving the Tambourine Man decidedly rattled. The rest of the film is baffling, including the title. (We can guess who Renaldo is, but which woman is Clara? And why those names?) The film also features Allen Ginsberg, Ronee Blakley, David Blue and assorted crazies picked up on the road—for those who can sit through all four hours. (R)

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