By Chuck Arnold Oliver Jones
October 15, 2007 12:00 PM

Still Feels Good |


Country purists will probably never love Rascal Flatts; they’ll certainly cringe when they hear the trio crooning with Jamie Foxx on “She Goes All the Way,” a veritable country slow jam that hurts the cred of both acts. But there are millions of other people—like those who bought last year’s multiplatinum Me and My Gang—who will be stoked about Still Feels Good. From hook- and harmony-laden ballads like “Better Now” to upbeat, uptempo numbers such as “Secret Smile,” these boys know how to give today’s country-pop fans what they want. But the album’s best track, the wistful “Winner at a Losing Game,” is also the song that is most likely to score Rascal Flatts some points with purists.