>• Forty years after he walked on the moon, Magnificent Desolation author Buzz Aldrin, 79, looks back—and ahead.

WHAT HE MISSES Well, anyone who’s been in space would like to have a room at home they could just walk in and they’re in zero gravity.

WHY HE AND NEIL ARMSTRONG RARELY SPEAK We do communicate. At different times I’ve tried to bring together groups of people who’ve reached the moon, but it’s like herding cats.

WHAT HE’D LIKE TO SEE IN SPACE Settlement of human beings on Mars. We need to ensure the survival of the human race if an object should hit the Earth.

WHY HE JUST RECORDED A SONG WITH SNOOP DOGG Karen Carpenter is my favorite singer, but that isn’t what causes people to jump up and down at different events. Rap pervades segments of society that don’t think too much about space. I want to raise awareness.

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