By People Staff
March 10, 1986 12:00 PM

This film is nothing more than a contrived remake of Footloose with bicycles. It’s no coincidence that the two movies have the same producers and star. In this one, Kevin Bacon plays a reckless stock options trader who loses everything in an afternoon gamble, including his lust for the market. He abandons high finance to take a job with Quicksilver bike messengers, where he will have nothing to worry about except his own survival. Life in the bike lane brings Bacon to the side of cute Jami (Square Pegs) Gertz, but the two seem to backpedal in a confusingly vague plot in which Rudy (The Enforcer) Ramos, as a cartoonish tough guy, enlists Gertz to deliver a series of suspicious packages. What’s inside? We never know. Quicksilver is best when it shifts gears to the biking scenes. Olympic cyclist Nelson Vails, a former bike messenger, who plays a cameo role, also served as a technical adviser. Cinematographer Tom (The Breakfast Club) Del Ruth creates striking visual sensations by mounting cameras on bicycles, then maneuvering his cyclists through treacherous city traffic. But in the end, even his stylish photography cannot save this movie from spinning its wheels. (PG)