By Chuck Arnold and Jessica Herndon
Updated July 08, 2013 12:00 PM


Song Versation

The neo-soul songbird tries overly hard to be clever with the title of her fifth album, and then some of these tunes (like “Just Do You”) end up too clichéd. Still, she possesses a special spirit that makes you know she believes it all. []



Move over, Daft Punk: Another duo are bringing the boogie to the dance floor. On their debut album, these English brothers—aided by guest vocalists like Jessie Ware—pump real heart and soul into some body-rocking beats. []



After going platinum with 2009’s Awake, this band aims to take their hard rock to higher ground with this concept album. Yes, it can get bombastic, but at least they put “Fire and Fury”—as one song title goes—into it all. []

Eric Stuart Band

Lipstick & Barbed Wire

He may live in Nashville, but Stuart sounds like he’s coming straight from Asbury Park, N.J., on Springsteen-esque songs like “Justified” (with Peter Frampton on guitar). He’s no Boss, natch, but it’s solid. []