By Chuck Arnold K.C. Baker
April 18, 2011 12:00 PM

>SUM 41

Screaming Bloody Murder

Divorce sure can be a bummer: First Avril Lavigne ditches the fun on her latest; now ex-husband Deryck Whibley leads Sum 41 into heavier territory, attempting to pull a Green Day. But despite a plodding midsection, all is not lost. []


Craig Campbell

On a winning country debut, this Georgian displays a rich baritone and a witty way with a pen on tunes like the sly “I Bought It” and the suggestive “Fish.” Elsewhere, songs such as the ballad single “Family Man” will hit you right at home. []


What If We Were Real

Like fellow American Idol alum Jennifer Hudson, Mandisa has recently lost a ton of weight, shedding some 100 lbs. Her pipes, though, remain hefty on this inspirational album. But it can get too pop: Take it to church, Mandisa! []


United Nations of Sound

The Verve frontman hooks up with hip-hop producer No I.D. (Jay-Z, Kanye West) on his fourth solo album. While tracks like “America” pack more thump—and even funk—the sounds run out of steam toward the end. []