January 18, 1982 12:00 PM


Only a little more common than a pearl in an oyster is the artist who stumbles on some cultural cross-current and produces a debut smash. It happened to Christopher Cross and the Go-Go’s and now to Quarterflash, a sextet that derived from a Pacific Northwest group called Seafood Mama. The nucleus of the band remains a couple from Portland, Oreg., Rindy and Marv Ross. After signing with David Geffen’s label, the Rosses changed the group’s name and spent the summer of ’81 laying down tracks in Los Angeles and Seattle with producer John Boylan (Boston, Linda Ronstadt). Rindy sings and plays up a storm with her saxophone while lead guitar Marv writes most of their material. On the pop side of rock ‘n’ roll, they can coast with a mellow ballad like Love Should Be So Kind or hit home in Cruisin’ With the Deuce. The group is a lot more substantial than could be guessed from the Australian epithet that inspired its name: “a quarter flash and three-quarters foolish.”

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