By Ralph Novak
June 02, 1986 12:00 PM

Barbra Streisand

Nobody quite excites a gamut of emotions the way Streisand does. This 40-minute tape about the making of her Broadway Album opens with a pointless montage of photographs, album covers and film clips featuring guess who. There are excerpts from an “interview” with film director William Friedkin in which the questions are no more probing than a kind of “Gosh, how do you manage to be so stupendous?” On the other hand, Streisand, with her hair all blond and bushy, looks marvelous. The footage in the studio is fascinating, partly because her vanity slips long enough to show her wearing glasses and fluffing a line or two. It’s also fun to watch her recording the scene that introduced the album (director Sydney Pollack, record executive David Geffen and actor Ken Sylk play skeptics who provide the voice-over doubts about the album’s chances for commercial success). Then there’s that saving grace to end all saving graces: Streisand’s voice. When you can sing like that, everything else tends to be overshadowed. The tape includes only five songs, but If I Loved You alone is such a wonder there’s no question of getting your money’s worth. (CBS/Fox, $29.98)